County Commissioners Meeting includes an Update on Navarre Beach Projects!

Navarre Beach update

During the latest meeting of the County Commissioners,  the current Navarre Beach Manager gave a presentation showing current beach conditions from recent complaints received. 

From reports of vandalism, maintenance, parking lots, beach and trash, it seemed clear that one thing needs to take place, more cleanup crews are needed.

With an increasing amount of visitors flocking to the area it takes more manpower for the cleanup necessary to keep our...

Beach Changes Being Considered in Walton County

Changes are being considered for
Walton County’s Beaches

In a recent meeting with the Walton County Commissioners some of the areas they’re looking at include further definitions of a “tent” and an “umbrella”, banning tents from some of the beaches, or possibly considering a law to keep from people linking their tents together. 

Other areas of this discussion included changing the process of vendor suspensions and revocations of permits, defining violations and their severity and the possibility of using a point system for vendors.  This way if they get to a certain amount of points then they will be suspended, not just for the first violation.


See what Forbes says are the Best Places to Travel this Winter!


After a year of being locked down with travel restrictions, everyone is ready to take off and get away, either to visit with family and friends or take time to discover our beautiful country.

Forbes has come out with the 9 Best Places to Travel this Winter, from East to West and North to South!


Navarre Named in Top 12 of Best Fall Fishing Destinations

FishingBooker Blog Names Navarre in the TOP 12 of

FishingBooker is an International Blog of the world's largest fishing charter community.  This year Navarre has been named as #2 on the list of Top 12 across the United States

Here is part of what they had to say about what we already knew:

"Navarre in itself needs no introduction. ...

See where Filter King names the TOP 50 BEST PLACES in America to Own a Beach House!

See the TOP 50 Locations in the United States to live and own a Beach House

Not surprisingly, Beaches are among the top vacation destinations among those looking for some well-deserved R & R in the U.S.

Also, not surprisingly to those who have visited or live here, 20 of those destinations are in the beautiful Sunshine State, Florida!

Many factors, such as home prices, temperature, conditions of the beaches, rainfall have been taken into consideration in compiling this list for this year's Best Places to Own a Beach House....

Money Names Navarre in the Best 50 Places to Live in 2021

Navarre Makes it in the
TOP 50 Places to Live in 2021!

Anyone who lives along the Emerald Coast won't be surprised to hear the news that Money Magazine has named
Navarre 34th in the Top Places to Live in the United States in 2021! 
There's no way our secret wouldn't get out at some point!

From the beautiful beaches to the stellar schools and nearby Military Bases, residents have enjoyed the quiet, small town living Navarre has to offer.


New Developments in Navarre Making Progress

Construction is moving ahead in Navarre with their newest 332 Luxury Apartment complex named "Elevate Navarre" beginning in mid-September.  Located at Hwy 98 & Hwy 87, this complex also will include a clubhouse.  Seven parcels in the rear of the complex will be built as soon as retailers have committed to the space.

Heading East on Hwy 98 at the corner of Ortega Street, the site has been cleared and construction has begun for the new Aldi Grocery store.  Also located in the same location will be T-Mobile and Dunkin' Donuts where construction is ongoing as well.

Keep heading East to near the county line of Okaloosa County, the First National Bank in Wynnehaven Plaza has been torn out, trees removed and the site is being cleared to build a new Publix, with their new 2-story design.  A cafe & bakery will...